• S. Russell

    "I's been over 2 years since I have went into a store to purchase candles and melts for my home! I only shop here! Hands down a household name coming to US ALL real soon! These products are the truth! Consist8ency, professional, and really worth every dollar because they really work! I'm here for the smells, all the smells!"

  • L. Grundy

    "Between this [carpet freshener] and her candles your whole house will smell yummy!"

  • Aaron

    "Great prices & great candles. You cant go wrong with any of the candles. Great Personel & business very professional. My top recomlendation for candles handsdown."

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  • T. Harding

    It didn’t take long for my order to come. I love how it smells and leaves my skin feeling soft with a glow to it!! I highly recommend! I just got it, will post my results. It doesn’t have all those harsh ingredients like other skincare products no it’s not a scam it’s real very worth it.

  • K. Drakes

    I’ve been using the restoration oil on my face for 2 weeks now and my hark marks have cleared up 80% already!!!

  • R. Ken

    I have used Luxe Skin for 2 months now. I started by sharing my current skin challenges & what my skin goals are with the owner. He suggested 4 products & a routine. I have to say my skin has improved gerastically in the few short months. The glow in real!

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